8 ways to upgrade a box of cake mix, from a former pastry cook

Add Extra Eggs: For a richer, denser cake, add an extra egg or two beyond what the box instructions suggest. This will give your cake a more homemade texture.

Swap Water for Dairy: Instead of using water, use whole milk or buttermilk. This swap will add richness and depth of flavor to your cake.

Include Additional Fats: Substitute melted butter for the oil in the recipe, and consider adding slightly more than the recipe calls for.

Mix in Sour Cream or Yogurt: Adding a dollop of sour cream or yogurt not only introduces a tangy note but also contributes to a moister, denser cake texture. About 1/2 cup should do the trick.

Stir in Flavorings or Extracts: Elevate the cake’s aroma and taste by adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract, almond extract, or even citrus zest. This is an easy way to add a homemade touch to a boxed mix.

Fold in Mix-ins: Before baking, fold in chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, or even fresh berries to add texture and bursts of flavor. This can turn a plain cake into something special.

Use Coffee Instead of Water: If you’re making a chocolate cake, using brewed coffee instead of water will deepen the chocolate flavor without making the cake taste like coffee

Add a Filling: After baking, cut your cake horizontally and spread a layer of jam, lemon curd, chocolate ganache, or pastry cream in the middle before reassembling.

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