8 mistakes tourists make in Las Vegas

Underestimating the scale of the Strip: The Las Vegas Strip is over 4 miles long, and walking from one end to the other can be more challenging than it appears.

Skipping reservations: Las Vegas is a popular destination, and many restaurants, shows, and clubs fill up quickly.

Ignoring budget constraints: It's easy to get carried away with spending in Las Vegas, given the abundance of gambling, shopping, and dining options.

Falling for timeshare presentations: Some tourists are lured into attending timeshare presentations with promises of free show tickets, meals, or other perks.

Not staying hydrated: The desert climate of Las Vegas can lead to dehydration, especially with the added factors of alcohol consumption and extensive walking.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes: Given the amount of walking involved in exploring Las Vegas, wearing uncomfortable shoes can quickly lead to blisters and sore feet.

Misjudging the weather: Visitors often assume Las Vegas is always hot and fail to check the seasonal weather before their trip.

Overlooking free attractions: Focusing solely on casinos and paid attractions can cause tourists to miss out on the many free experiences Las Vegas offers

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