10 Spots Burglars Always Check First for Your Valuables

Bedroom Dresser and Nightstands: The first go-to spots for many burglars are the bedroom dresser and nightstands, as people frequently store jewelry, cash, and small electronic devices in these places.

Home Office: Desks or filing cabinets in a home office can contain sensitive information, cash, checks, and possibly even keys to a safe.

Medicine Cabinets: Prescription drugs can be a target for theft, so medicine cabinets in bathrooms are often checked

Under the Mattress: This classic hiding spot is well-known, making it one of the first places a burglar might check for cash, jewelry, or important documents.

Closets: Especially those in the master bedroom, as they can contain valuable items like designer clothes, shoes, handbags, and even hidden safes or cash boxes.

Freezer: An unconventional hiding spot for cash and other valuables, but it’s become well-known enough that burglars often take a quick look in the freezer.

Bookshelves: Among books and decorative items, burglars look for hidden safes disguised as books or other valuables that might be stashed in plain sight.

Living Room Electronics: Televisions, gaming systems, and other portable electronics are quick and easy for burglars to grab, so they will often check living areas for these items.

Garage: Tools, bicycles, and cars can be of high value, and if a garage is attached, it might also offer easy access to the house where further valuables can be found.

Personal Computers and Laptops: These are not only valuable for their resale value but also for the personal and financial information they might contain, which can be exploited for identity theft.

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