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Why we love…Littleton!

If you’ve ever spent time in Littleton, you will surely relate to some of the reasons we love this place. Heck! Even if you’ve just driven through, it’s hard to miss some of what makes this such a great area. As with many towns in and around the Denver metro, it is impossible to ignore the view. On a clear sunny day it’s a joy to watch the mountains rise up to meet that bluebird sky; and don’t deny yourself a sunset glance either, that Rocky Mountain skyline does not disappoint; constantly beckoning you up to the mountains no matter the time of year. So why not? Littleton boasts great accessibility. A quick ride to downtown, hop on the highway south to the Springs and beyond or head West to get your altitude fix, it doesn’t get much easier. Or head up into the Deer Creek Mesa area for dramatic red rock landscapes and sunset colors to be marveled at. Never a dull moment in Littleton but easy to find a tranquil one, with beautiful neighborhoods, sprawling parks, and water to be found in every direction it truly is a haven within the hustle and bustle of the greater metro area. Though there are many things to love about Littleton we want to highlight three of our team’s favorites.

  • Parks, Trails & Monuments – South Platte Park & River is a joy for all at any time of year. With plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery, it’s an Instagrammer’s dream! Enjoy quiet strolls and energetic workout, nature watching, and more. It’s also super quick and easy to access South Platte Reservoir, McLellan Reservoir, and Cooley Lake, all picturesque and perfect for getting your trail fix!
  • Hudson Gardens & Events Center – We love this location for more than one reason. Hudson Gardens provides a unique piece of tranquility away from the buzz of the city. Taking a midsummer stroll around the grounds provides peace and quiet, a connecting with nature and more Instagram worthy photo ops than you can imagine. Overflowing with color and beauty Hudson Gardens & Events Center provides the perfect location for a day out, a special occasion, concerts, and more. Attending a concert here is a different experience, with exceptional views you bring your own seating and a cooler containing your favorite picnic food and there you have it…your favorite musicians in what feels like the comfort of your own home. This location is one of the true gems of Littleton.2
  • History – As with most of the communities we serve Littleton has a rich history. The “Pikes Peak Gold Rush” of 1859 signaled Littleton’s beginnings. Engineers were brought to the area to construct a system of ditches and waterways in order to carry water to newly born farms and businesses that came along with the gold-seekers. Agriculture has remained a staple in Littleton with electronics and pneumatics, moving to munitions, and finally to aerospace, manufacturing becoming an important employer. Littleton now boasts any titles including being voted #2 small city in the USA.

So, we encourage you to find and appreciate your little piece of Littleton. There are so many reasons we love providing this community with swimming pool services and repairs. Whether it’s the incredible view on the drive-by, an event, or day out with loved ones or a glorious new home in which to make and share lifelong memories, Littleton can be enjoyed by all.

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