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Why we love….Greenwood Village!

If you’ve ever spent time in Greenwood Village, you’ll surely relate to some of the reasons we love this place. Heck! Even if you’ve just driven through, it’s hard to miss some of what makes this such a great community. As with many towns in and around the Denver metro, it is impossible to ignore the view. On a clear sunny day it’s a joy to watch the mountains rise up to meet that bluebird sky; and don’t deny yourself a sunset glance either, the Rocky Mountain skyline does not disappoint; constantly beckoning you up to the mountains no matter the time of year. So why not? Greenwood Village boasts great accessibility. It’s a quick ride to downtown, hop on the highway south to the Springs and beyond or head West to get your altitude fix, it doesn’t get much easier. Speaking of heading downtown, while it’s fun to go you don’t need to. Greenwood Village is aglow with an eclectic and vibrant mix of restaurants and eateries, there is truly something for everyone. Never a dull moment but easy to find a tranquil one, with beautiful neighborhoods, sprawling parks, and water to be found in every direction it truly is a haven within the hustle-bustle of the greater metro area. Though there are many things to love about Greenwood Village we want to highlight three of our team’s favorites.

  1. Village Trails – The Greenwood Village trails system is wonderful, expansive, accessible, tranquil, exciting, and everything in between. The trails connect and intermingle with parks and open spaces, suitable for strolling, cycling, jogging, and more, and don’t be surprised if you spot some friendly equine folk and their riders. It truly is a wonderful, safe, and clean space to enjoy nature within this beautiful community.
  • Fine Dining – Go ahead, just have a Google; what you’ll find is an abundance of restaurants, barely any receiving less than 4.5-star reviews. And there are cuisines and influences aplenty, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, American, and more, you really cannot go wrong so make a reservation and try something new, and then again the next week. From contemporary to traditional you’ll find the taste and style that you so desire.
  • History – A mere 50 years ago Greenwood Village was expansive farmland and a town population of around 500. Despite the rate of expansion, Greenwood Village has held on to many historical aspects, notes of which you can see in various places around town. Greenwood Village maintains a characterful blend of preserved rural elements and a dynamic urban, residential feel. The land upon which Greenwood Village sits has a long history beginning with Native Americans and the Pioneers, becoming alive with plentiful orchards and farmland and finally becoming a town 1930’s & 40’s and growing to the place we know and love today.

So we encourage you to find and appreciate your little piece of Greenwood Village. There are so many reasons we love providing this community with swimming pool services and repairs. Whether it’s the incredible view on the drive-by, an exciting meal with loved ones, or a glorious new home in which to make and share lifelong memories, Greenwood Village can be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

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