You know that smell when you walk into your local pool? Do you know the blonde kid whose hair turned green every summer? Familiar with the itchy, burning sensation in your eyes after a dip in the pool? Well, then I’m sure you’re familiar with people saying “it’s the chlorine”. If you frequent any kind of gym or rec center then you are likely familiar with the fact that most recommend showering when exiting the pool. Why? In short, chemicals!  A necessary evil of the pool & spa industry. So why do we swim in pools and spas full of potentially harmful chemicals? Let’s keep things in perspective, like many things in life these chemicals can be harmful in large amounts but when used properly, by professionals, they actually help to protect us. You see, bacteria love warm, wet environments, you know, like swimming pools and spas. The combination of chemicals used to maintain swimming pools and spas is necessary and true science, they are used to keep the water in which we bath as safe as possible. For a long time, the goal surrounding pools and spas was quite simply to make the water safe but is there the potential to make your water safe and comfortable, delicate even? Wouldn’t that be the optimum swimming condition?

I have a 4-year-old with yellow blonde hair and beautiful, sensitive skin. Pained, daily, by eczema and contact dermatitis we have to inspect everything we use on or around her. Lotions, soaps, shampoos and that’s only the beginning. Laundry detergent, cleaning products, paints and there’s more. Just last week she returned home from school with an angry breakout, trying desperately not to scratch she cried, not knowing what had caused it. Did she pet a passing dog? Was it the soap in the bathroom? Did another child’s jacket rub up against her bare arm? Maybe it was the teacher’s hand lotion or perfume? You see, it’s almost impossible to know. So you can see why swimming can be tricky for us. Many a time she has emerged from the pool with tomato red eyes and lobster colored arms. We know she is sensitive and we know she is on the extreme end but we also know that many us experience some of what she does and we know it’s not pleasant. But it’s the nature of the beast right? Well, maybe not anymore.

Technology has come a long way and many in the swimming pool industry are keeping up. Though not yet mainstream, there is a product out there that can help not just those of us with the blondest of hair or most sensitive skin. There is a product that helps keep water cleaner and safer than we ever dreamed it could be, all the while minimizing the use of chemicals. Imagine swimming in a pool or spa that you knew was cleaner and healthier, that you could see was not harmful to those with skin or eye conditions, that you could smell was limited or even void of chemical treatments, heck, that you could feel was softer and silkier? Seems a little too good to be true right? But it’s not, it’s here, we’ve found it and we love it. The solution? Advanced Oxidation systems, better known as Clear Comfort. This method of sanitation allows for safe, sustainable swimming, minimizing your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals and disinfection by-products. Quite simply, the achieved goal is to create a swim experience that is kind to your eyes, skin, and lungs making your time in the water healthy, eco-friendly, and happy. And isn’t that our goal for ourselves and our families?

The Clear Comfort modules we use are specially developed, patented, and independently tested. Clear Comfort is a hydroxyl-based process, it sanitizes a pool in much the same way that the air is naturally cleaned in the atmosphere. Now I’m not one for scientific lingo, I can barely keep up with a shampoo commercial, so I’m not going to go into the science (our wonderful Service and General managers are here to provide more detail on that – just call!) but I do know what speaks to me….eliminating or reducing the use of chlorine and other toxic chemicals. And best of all? It’s cost-effective and available for all pools & spas, residential, resorts, rec’s HOA’s, EVERYTHING!

The brains committed to this science care! And as a mom, that speaks to me. I want my children completely limited to their exposure to, well, just about everything! But truthfully, it seems to me that the scientific minds behind this product are parents, are environmentalists, are economists, they produced a product with an end goal that just makes sense and is actually designed to benefit others, in helping people and the environment to be healthier,  isn’t that kind of refreshing?

For more information on Clear Comfort and how it can work for you or your family or facility please reach out 855-772-7824 or

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