Brrrrr, it’s chilly out there! With remnants of our last snow storm still on the ground, it’s easy to be fooled into feeling like it’s still winter. But don’t let your guard down. Punxsutawney Phil confirmed that Spring will come early this year and, you know, I think he’s right! With some warmer afternoons on the forecast, those cheeky rays of sun peeking through the clouds, and Spring break right around the corner it’s time to stop dreaming and start planning.

At this time of year, there are a few things that always spring to mind (pun absolutely intended). Seeds, Spring Cleaning, and Swimming. Here at R&R most of our team are gardening enthusiasts. From colorful blooms to fruitful trees, luscious lawns to plentiful produce we are always looking to improve our garden & yard experience. Along with expanding our backyard productivity some of us are also looking to improve our backyard functionality and aesthetics. How? We do not know yet, the possibilities are endless: a new deck, some stone paving, an outdoor kitchen, maybe an awesome fireplace. How do you decide? We know one thing, there’ll be options aplenty at the Denver Home Show this month.

Though we dream of the fun times to be had in our backyard paradise we still have a little more time before we are pulling the sun loungers out of storage, which brings us to Spring cleaning. Some love it, some hate it but we pretty much all take part in some form of it. From the deep clean of all the nooks and crannies to the basement purge and everything in between. Storage and organization are the hot topics of the moment. Don’t have enough storage? Many say the answer is to purge, get rid of everything that doesn’t currently “spark joy” but whether you keep everything or almost nothing you still need to stay organized to stay tidy. Will you purchase some stylish totes, repurpose something you already have, splurge on a new closet, heck! Splurge on an addition to your house (you know how tempting that walk-in closet is!). Whatever you decide the options will be presented to you in plentiful splendor at Denver’s Home Show, and the best part? Deals, discounts and promotions galore!

As is typical with Colorado weather a sudden influx in temperature will occur and before we know it we’ll be slathering on the sunscreen and exposing our sensitive eyes from the glare of our pasty white legs. Sunny and 75 never felt so good, that is, until you’re taking a dip in the pool. Many of us dream of some kind of private swimming pool or spa, and why not? It’s the perfect way to have fun and relax but many people do not realize just how many options are now available to the average homeowner. Whatever your needs and desires the product for you is out there. Pools can be made smaller than you might imagine. Concerned about safety? Automatic safety covers, appropriate fencing, and alarms are all there to address your concerns. Maybe you don’t want a pool at all, maybe a splash pad is right for you. A classy, regal stone design? Or maybe spray cannons and a dump bucket for the kids? Living on several acres? Lazy river! Why not! The point is, if you don’t ask you don’t know and believe us, the possibilities are endless, all you have to do is start the conversation with the right professionals.

So where do you find the right people, the right company, the right deals? You got it! The Denver Home Show. Whatever projects you’ve got going on, big or small, events like the Denver Home Show are a great way to shop around all in one place. The convenience of having everything in one spot, including somewhere to grab lunch, is a huge time saver, and who doesn’t need more time? Forget about hours searching the internet, visit the Home Show, and meet face to face with business representatives. Get your questions answered right away, get a feel for the companies and their representatives, and have fun. Many businesses offer great promotional prices and deals exclusively for show attendees so it’s worth the small ticket price to save some potentially big dollars. And if you’re not ready to start a project yet, just take a look around, inspiration is everywhere!

For more information on how to find us at the Denver Home Show please call 855-772-7824 or email

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