Here at R&R Aquatics, our first goal is to provide exceptional services with premium products. Though our team has many years of experience, like everything, pool equipment, and systems change, and that why we believe in ongoing education. Maintaining our education and remaining current means we continue to provide the best solutions to our clients. Furthermore, we strive to work with the leaders in industry product innovation to ensure that our client’s pools and tubs are running efficiently, are cost-effective, and live a long life.

This week we are excited to be attending workshops hosted by two major industry front runners, Pentair and Raypak. Both companies produce premium products that we have recommended and worked with for years. But you can always learn more, right? We will be updating our knowledge and processes within both a residential and a commercial setting, learning about new emerging products and technologies, and how best to apply these in any given situation. We value the growth in both personal and professional avenues that these workshops offer and we are excited to share these values and experiences with our valued customers.

Not only do we believe in ongoing education for ourselves but it is important to pass this knowledge onto our customers. From advice in the field to scheduled pool school & spa school, we aim to provide the best advice and solutions and to educate our clients on how to use their equipment. Every aspect of learning is important and valuable to us and we hope to continually pass that on to those around us.

It is also great fun to connect and share with other industry professionals. Networking, building relationships, sharing wisdom, and the odd anecdote is both fun and inspiring. It’s important to keep connections with those around us who share like skills and interests and to build that all-important village! As our industry continues to grow and develop, so do we and we look forward to sharing that with you, our loyal and valued clients!

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